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Student-Driven Networked Research

Welcome to a resource site for Student-Driven Networked Research. This site was first created as a companion to Student-Driven Networked Research presented at ISTE 2013. This resource is organized into themed wiki pages (nodes). Click on the pages to your right to follow our process and find creative commons licensed content to try in your place of learning.

This Wiki

Thus Wiki focus is on research, design and praxis in the field of Networked Learning. The hope is that this resource will inspire you to see Networked Learning's possibility and promise in student research and education through

  • understanding Networked Learning in a new dimension,
  • viewing the story of a project that effectively used Networked Learning for student driven Research,
  • resources ready for you to employ in your learning environment or school.


The Big Picture (Why)

This page provides a concrete entry point into the much larger field of Networked Learning.

The Story (What)

Through telling a true story of design based research in the field, I hope to attract more educators to the potential of Networked Learning for research. Through bracketing an area of inquiry and allowing for investigations into specific contexts, barriers, and opportunities in the field these pages illuminate praxis that works.

Resources for Replication (How)

Resources linked offer a starting place for educators small enough to begin almost immediately, yet big enough to build momentum in the field.